Planting the seeds: a new website for Johnson+Southerland

Johnson+Southerland (J+S) is an established Seattle-based landscape architecture firm. Its broad expertise ranges from small community improvements to large-scale public projects, including streetscapes, parks and playgrounds, campuses, trails and drainage systems.

Recently, J+S partnered with Ember Design to create a new company website.

There were several items on the agenda for the new site. First, it needed responsiveness. The old website, which had been in place for a number of years, lacked the critical ability to render sites for viewing on various devices.

Second, there was an opportunity to make the site navigation more intuitive. And finally, the new site would be designed as a more effective showcase for project imagery. The J+S archive of photography and renderings provided plenty of resources to tell the company’s story.

The new J+S website has now launched. Its streamlined organization is easy to navigate, and the spare interface serves as an unobtrusive backdrop for the company's striking visuals. See a few Before and After examples below, and visit the complete site:


PREVIOUS website

A few pages from the older Johnson+Southerland site. Cramped visuals and dense navigation suggested the time was ripe for an updated online presence.



Selections from the new Johnson+Southerland site — a more cohesive system with increased emphasis on compelling imagery.