EVENT-PLANNING GUIDES for a venerable western resort

Established in 1948, the Rancho de los Caballeros graces 
20,000 acres of beautiful high Sonoran desert in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Family-owned and operated since its inception, the guest ranch features 79 guest rooms, a full-service spa, event spaces, tennis, stables, and a golf course consistently ranked as a Top 75 Resort Course. The atmosphere is one of subdued elegance.

Weddings and meetings make up an important part of the resort’s business. Until recently, however, these segments were promoted in a makeshift, informal fashion. There was a need for materials which more accurately reflected the Rancho’s status as a luxury destination. Ember Design was invited to help,

The assignment was to create new guides for meeting planning and wedding planning. These would include text and imagery which captured some of the aura and romance of the resort. Once complete, the documents would serve not only as reference materials, but as attractive calling cards for the resort.

See sample Before and After pages down below, and view the complete new guides here:
Meeting Planner
Wedding Planner


PREVIOUS promotional materials

A few pages from the older Rancho de los Caballeros planning guides. These were simple Word documents, with minimal consistency or visual flair.


NEW promotional materials

Selections from the new planning guides — a more coordinated system with increased emphasis on the compelling Rancho de los Caballeros story.